Next pub night is on 3rd March

The AGM of the club will be on Tuesday 24th February at 8.30 (after training). It will be in one of the upstairs rooms in the Sports Centre at Buckley. All members of Buckley Runners are invited to attend. It is the only formal meeting we have during the year and is important as many people as possible have a say on how our club is run. Minutes of AGM of 28th January 2014 are attached.

1. Members present and apologies for absence
2. Minutes of previous meeting. To agree the minutes of the previous AGM and consider matters arising.
3. Chairman’s report. To receive chairman’s report
4. Treasurer’s reports. To receive annual financial statement and to agree subs for 2011
5. Other reports To receive annual reports (Cross Country, Borders League/Road, Fell, Club Championship, Kit, Races)
6. Election of officers and Committee. In order to run properly the club needs the following.
6.1. Club chairman (including Welsh Athletics website contact point)
6.2. Club secretary (includes mailing address for Welsh Athletics)
6.3. Membership secretary (
6.4. Treasurer
6.5. Child Protection Officer (The club cannot exist without this post)
6.6. Border League Organiser
6.7. Cross country organiser
6.8. Kit organiser
6.9. Coach
6.10. Race secretary and Course Marshal
6.11. Club Championship organiser
6.12. Social event organiser
6.13. Publicity officer
6.14. Other members of the committee
7. Other matters