Safeguarding and Welfare in Buckley Runners



Everyone in Athletics has a part to play in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. As a sporting organisation operating within Wales, Buckley Runners have adopted the safeguarding and welfare policies and procedures outlined by Welsh and UK Athletics. These aim to create an environment where everyone involved in athletics feels safe and secure to enable them to achieve their potential .


Welfare – what it means

Welfare covers a range of issues such as safeguarding and protecting children, anti-bullying, equity, poor practice in coaching and disciplinary and grievances matters. It encompasses policies and procedures to set out minimum standards of expectations, such as codes of conduct, procedures to follow for dealing with child protection concerns, other welfare issues or complaints, and to ensure that, clubs and associations meet their statutory responsibilities to safeguard and protect children. Welfare is essential to contribute to good practice within the sport, develop performance and to ensure the safety and enjoyment of athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.


Who are your Welfare Officers ?

Buckley Runners have two welfare officers. Good practice says that one should be male and one female.

Please feel free to contact either of us if you have any concerns or wish to discuss any issues relating to safeguarding or welfare, either for yourself or on behalf of others. If we are not at the training sessions, or you do not feel comfortable approaching us there, if you contact us on the below contact details we will respond to you.

We will be able to treat some discussions confidentially, however if there are any concerns which need to be shared with professional agencies to keep people safe, this will be discussed with you, and these referrals would be made. It may be that although you choose to speak with one of the welfare officers, we may share the information with each other if this is felt necessary to plan how best to respond to the concern. There may be a need for the Chairperson and committee to be informed of concerns and the responses to these, if there are changes in practice or membership of the club which need to be considered.

Jez Brown – Jez can be contacted at or on 07463887693

Nicole van den Wittenboer – Nicole can be contacted at or on 07584050151


The role of the welfare officer is to :

  • Encourage a supportive and positive environment in which children and adults can enjoy athletics safely.
  • Provide leadership in the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults within the club
  • Act as a key point of contact for anyone needing support or guidance.
  • Every three years to complete an appropriate safeguarding course and DBS check.


The Welfare officers should be :

  • Empathetic and approachable;
  • Objective but understanding;
  • Attentive to detail;
  • Resilient and determined;
  • Rational and not quick to jump to conclusions;
  • Knowledgable about Safeguarding and Welfare, including an  understanding of the policies outlined below.


What are the safeguarding policies that Club Members need to be aware of ?

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the welfare of all those who participate in athletics. Since 2004, Welsh Athletics have worked with partners at UK Athletics, assisted by the Child Protection in Sport Unit of the NSPCC, to develop welfare policies and procures for all persons involved in athletics, which incorporate our child protection policies and procedures.

The new policy and guidance documents have been approved by the boards of Welsh Athletics, UKA and the other home countries. These will be adopted by Buckley Runners, and the links have been attached below so that these reflect any amendments that may be made over time and uploaded on to the Welsh Athletics website.

Welsh Athletics Safeguarding and Welfare

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Information

Social Services