Wincle Trout – A fishy themed race report by Hayley Evans

A school of Buckley Runners were reeled into the Wincle fete race Sat 30th May by the promise of a fishy prize.

The sun was shining as we braced ourselves to tackle the 5.7mile fell race. We cast off along the roed to scale the heights of Hanging Rock through fintanstic countryside alongside the Wincle trout fishery.

We waded through muddy ghyls, splashed through the river; there were many opportunities were we cod have taken taken a stumble; Dave did, he took a dive to win the savlon award for this race.

A tarwl through the net results revealed:

Steve 9th Huw 54th, Rob 69th, Hayley 75th, Pete 87th, Dave 110th, Richie 120th, Hazel 138th, John 141, Dawn 161, Maxine 165, Debbie 194 and Sue 243.

We docked in the cake & beer tents for refreshments.

After a red herring search for the pygmy goats (too small to see) promised on the programme we cheered as Pete claimed his 1st plaice category prize.

I can see why Buckley Runners return to this race, it’s charm grabs you hook, line and sinker.

There was the option to camp. I had committed  to this so was caught in a trap with Elvis….It fills up early so be quick to get your number for the Wincle June 2016.



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