British and Irish Masters Cross Country International Glasgow 2023

***British Isles Masters Cross Country Success***
Saturday 11th November saw the British Isles masters cross country championships, taking place in Glasgow.
From eight selected, seven of our runners made the start line and took part in the prestigious event.
The standard across the board was very high, as masters athletes from Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland and N.Ireland took on the challenging course at Tollcross Park, Glasgow.
The Buckley Runners produced a fine set of results, including two contributing to team medals in their respective categories.
Selected results running for Wales –
Position – name – club – time – top 3 counter
17 Jennifer Rambaldi, Buckley 24-08 (1st counter)
20 Jane Doughton, Buckley 26-11
18 Christopher Callaghan Buckley 28-00 (1st counter)
22 Jez Brown Buckley 29-29 (1st counter)
26 Simon Gwyn Roberts Buckley 30-23 (3rd counter)
15 Eric Campbell Buckley 31-35 (3rd counter)
Selected results running for England-
W35 – TEAM BRONZE WV35 – 🥉
6 Tracy Rogers Buckley 22-05 (1st counter)
Well bloody played, every single one of you. You all remembered the Buckley moto and more importantly you did yourself proud. I absolutely loved  watching the results and runs upload on Strava, seeing posts on here and speaking to some of you on WhatsApp.
From a club point of view, I believe Buckley Runners had the most representatives who ran for Wales, with a total of 6 proudly wearing the Red vest; this further highlights what a great club we have and the good work everyone is doing.
Congratulations, once more, to the 8 selected and the 7 who ran; and once again, be proud of your achievement, as a club we surely are!
Charles Barton (Club Chairman)

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