Club Championship

Buckley Runners Championship Races 2017-18


The competition is intended to encourage club members to participate in a range of races and to reward them for representing the club in races. The awards are made at the annual presentation night in June each year.

The Rules:

  • It is open to all paid up members of the club.
  • The competition runs from 1st May to 31st April each year.
  • You must enter the race as a Buckley Runner to earn points in any race (Ideally you should run in a Buckley Runners vest)
  • There are 24 nominated races
  • A maximum of 15 races count towards final score
  • Separate Male and Female competition


  • Points will be scored by multiplying number of runners x 5
    • So if 20 men run, the winner would get 100 points, down to the last placed Buckley male, who would get 5 points
    • If 15 ladies run, the winner would get 75 points

Extra points can be won by:

  • Getting a PB: 5 points for a PB on a previously run course


  • Winning the race: 5 points for winning down to 1 point for coming 5th


  • Winning age category: 3 points for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd


  •  Max for winning the Flintshire 10k in 2016, would have scored:
    • 5 points for winning the whole race
    • 70 points for being Buckley top male (14 runners)
    • So 75 points altogether from that race


The Races:

Road Races  Date
Club Handicap  TBC
Ellesmere Port RC 5k  Wed 16th August 2017
Ffrith 5k  Sun 7th May 2017
Flintshire 10k  Sun 22nd October 2017
Caernarfon 10k  Sun 3rd September 2017
Spring 5  Wed 11th April 2018
North Wales 10m Championship (Wrexham)  TBC (April 2018)
Trail Races  Date
Push Up The Pincyn  Sat 29th July 2017
Fairy Freckled Cow  Sun 2nd July 2017
Robbie Webster Wobbler  Wed 28th June 2017
North Wales XC Championship (Rhug)  Sat 6th January 2018
Top Position in any XC League race  –
Fell Races  Date
Up The Beast  Wed 7th June 2017
The Druid  Wed 12th July 2017
Ponderosa  Wed 2nd August 2017
Extreme Races  Date
Chester Marathon  Sun 8th October 2017
Wrexham (Village Bakery) Marathon  Sun 25th February 2018
Chester Half Marathon  Sun 21st May 2017
Liverpool Rock & Roll Half Marathon  Sun 28th May 2017
Dash In The Dark (3 races)  Fri 10th November 2017

Fri 1st December 2017

Fri 19th January 2018

Jubilee Plunge  Sat 30th December 2017


Results and standings will be published monthly on the club website and Facebook for transparency