Deestriders Offroad Grand Prix

Race Report

Thursday 2nd July – Deestriders Offroad Grand Prix


It was a hot and sunny Thursday evening that saw a very admirable turnout of 14 members from Buckley taking part in the 2nd of the Deestriders Offroad Grand Prix events. Buckley made for 17% of the overall field, which was also up to 84 from 66 for the 1st race.

Deestriders Offroad Grand Prix - Race #2 - 2nd June 2015

For those who haven’t done this, it seems to be a well regarded event, surprisingly challenging on what is a largely flat and fast course. It starts and finishes on the fields at the Tata Sports and Social club. The race quickly got under way at 7:30 and involves almost two full laps of the playing field, before heading out on to the rough ground between the cycle path and the side of the Dee.

From here it passes under the railway line, along the cycle path and into the 1st set of playing fields. It winds its way around the fields, through some trees and long grass, back out on to the cycle path, back into the fields, then back the way you came, under the railway bridge and along the side of the Dee. This route is then followed again for a 2nd lap before returning to the Social club field for one lap.

All in all it is around 4.5 mile, largely on grass, with some track and tarmac, terrain is best described as quite uneven in parts and turned out to be quite a slog in the heat. Overall some good results from Buckley, with Simon Edwards coming 1st for the Club in 4th place, however I am sure it would have been better had it not been for his badly cut knee from an early fall in the race (he was 2nd quite late on in the race).

Places are as follows:

4th – 27:39 – SIMON EDWARDS

5th – 27:41 – PAUL STINTON

11th – 29:02 – CHRIS CALLAGHAN

12th – 29:07 – JONATHON BRADSHAW

24th – 31:05 – GARETH HOUGHTON

28th – 31:26 – STEPHEN BELLIS

36th – 32:18 – PAUL WILCOCKSON

43rd –  33:00 – TIM HARGREAVES

49th – 34:05 – PAUL QUINN

52nd – 34:15 – DAVE WOOTTON

65th – 36:22 – ROB DAVIES

71st – 37:51 – MARCUS REID

79th – 41:37 – ROBERT MACKEY

83rd – 46:10 – JACK THOMAS


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