Club AGM

The AGM was held on January 26th in the Sports Centre. Nineteen members attended.

Rob, as Chairman thanked everyone for their efforts during another fantastic year for the club and highlighted the many successes the club has enjoyed this year including

  • The success of the Improvers Group and the graduation from it.
  • The performance of many of the new runners
  • Individual and team performances
  • The new website and the use of social media for communication
  • The social events during the year

Other highlights included:

  • A steady increase in membership throughout the year (Now nearly 70)
  • The success of the new arrangements for paying subscriptions
  • Sue reported that club funds have increased (slightly) during the year. It was noted that as we have a Borders League Race to organise that will cost us money in 16/17.
  • Club subs will remain at £10.00 (£5.00 for concessions) for 2016-17. It was noted that Welsh Athletics Registration fees will increase to £17.50 for 2016-17. Rob will send out notices in March.
  • Jez reported an excellent year on the fells, with club members picking up many prizes in the Welsh and North Wales series. Jez encouraged anyone who wants to have a go to join them on hills.
  • Hazel reported fantastic turnouts and performances at the CC League races.  Both teams are 4th going into last race. Welsh Champs in Swansea (27th February) and British Masters in Bath (13th March).  Hazel has sent Buckley’s best wishes to David Williams following his illness.
  • Eric reported that we had enjoyed a great turn out at all BL races. It was noted that there are more and more runners taking part in the races and some courses and venues are getting close to capacity. Rob has asked that people think about new clubs being allowed to join the league and pass feedback to Eric.
  • Phil was unable to attend but sent a report saying preparations for the Buckley Borders League (Race 6) in April is well on the way. The course is now officially measured at 5 miles.
  • “Get Logo’d” in Shotton will print kit if you require anything printing
  • Paul Quinn will find a gazebo for the club; we will consider a fin with Buckley Runners on.
  • It was agreed that we need to look at safe practice for training runs

Election of officers and Committee.

  • Rob Mackey is club chairman (including WA website contact point and rep on NWRAB)
  • Jane Lindley is club secretary (inc mailing address for Welsh Athletics)
  • Jack Thomas is membership Secretary
  • Sue Ridings is treasurer
  • Jez Brown is Child Protection Officer
  • Eric Campbell is Border League Rep (attends AGM and acts as point of contact) –
  • Hazel Berrett is Cross country rep (attends AGM and acts as point of contact)
  • Dawn and Jane are Kit organisers –
  • Eric Campbell is coach, assistant coach is Les Coathup
  • Phil Tugwell is Race Secretary and Director –
  • John Morris Club is championship / handicap organiser
  • Ceri Cook and Mike Austin are the captains
  • Simon Edwards is Social event organiser


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