Club Update

Over the last 6 months we have seen a huge influx of runners to the club of all abilities, this is really very pleasing. However we are mindful that as a result and to facilitate any continued growth, we need to try and put a little bit more structure in place.

Therefore over the coming weeks we wish to try and put more structure around Tuesday and Thursday training nights and make sure key information is available to everyone. This is to ensure that everyone gets as much out of the club that they want to, that everyone is safe, nobody gets left behind and that key information is available to all.

Starting immediately we want to structure Thursday night Club Runs.

  • Have two defined routes throughout the Winter
    • Chambers Lane (4.7miles) – Strava
    • Mold (6.2miles) – Strava
  • Both routes open to all abilities
  • Objective is ‘muster’ run
  • We would like key front runners to run back every mile to back runners to ensure nobody gets left behind

Next we will put upfront structure for Tuesdays too, create FAQ’s and try to put key contacts in place so nobody feels they don’t know what we are doing or gets left out.

We hope you feel this is beneficial. Please Feedback to us any ideas, whether you think what we are doing is good, bad or can be improved? Especially those new to the club on your experience to-date.


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