Cross Country #3 – Bangor

The 3rd race in the 2016/17 North Wales Cross Country series took us to Treborth Track in Bangor, located between the two bridges on the banks for the Menai Straits. Today it had the most amazing backdrop of the Snowdonia Mountains covered in snow, although this could only be seen from the A55. This time 274 runners had turned up across all categories to race.

The weather was ideal, the clear sky had resulted in a harsh overnight frost. Fortunately, this had cleared for the race and everyone was awarded a bright and sunny but cold afternoon, luckily with little wind too.

The course consisted of a few fields, with the run taking us through some woods too. It could be described as mainly flat with one hill leading from the bottom field to the top. The conditions were mostly firm, however, there were a handful of boggy bits. This made it very difficult to run in parts, feet were sinking and the mud sapping your energy, thankfully this was the exception. The hill though was probably the worst and it made getting up it even harder as even with spikes, traction was hard.

First up at 2pm were the Over 70’s and ladies. Their course consisted of 2 large laps and one small lap, which covered 3 miles. Representing Buckley, there were 7 ladies of a total 106 and 2 over 70’s of a total 11.


women mu17 m70 bangor course sketch map


Ladies Results

Position Name Age Club Time
24 Samantha Dutton W35 Buckley 00:22:42
25 Hayley Evans W35 Buckley 00:23:13
31 Hazel Berrett W50 Buckley 00:23:52
51 Dawn Urqhart W40 Buckley 00:25:26
65 Margaret Ludden W50 Buckley 00:26:36
90 Amanda Garner SW Buckley 00:29:48
100 Debbie Bellis W50 Buckley 00:34:18


Over 70’s Results

Position Name Age Club Time
4 John Morris M70 Buckley 00:26:10
9 Jack Thomas M70 Buckley 00:33:54


Next up at 2:45pm were the men. Their course consisted of 3 large laps, one small lap and a lap of the bottom field, which covered 5.6 miles. Representing Buckley, there were 12 men of a total 154.


men bangor course sketch map


Men’s Results

Position Name Age Club Time
8 Jez Brown M40 Buckley 00:33:14
32 Simon Roberts M45 Buckley 00:35:50
37 Eric Campbell M50 Buckley 00:36:29
46 Eddie Davies M45 Buckley 00:37:08
74 Andy Pritchard M40 Buckley 00:39:38
82 Karl Williams M45 Buckley 00:40:04
90 Gareth Houghton M40 Buckley 00:40:44
91 Ian Bayliss M55 Buckley 00:40:49
105 Tim Hargreaves M45 Buckley 00:42:06
116 Steve Bellis M60 Buckley 00:43:21
122 Dave Wootton M50 Buckley 00:44:13
135 Mike Austin M40 Buckley 00:45:53


Overall another good turnout for Buckley. next race is 14th January 2017 at Baschurch near Oswestry. See you there for the mudfest 🙂


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