Safety & Wellbeing

There have been a number of questions recently related to safety and wellbeing of our members that fall into a number of areas.


High Vis Vests

While it is now starting to get light, just a reminder that on club nights during the dark evenings, runners are responsible for ensuring they wear appropriate clothing\items to be seen in the dark. While we make every attempt to minimise any risks, such as only running on street lit routes, this does not remove the risk completely. Therefore every attempt should be taken to maximise visibility.

We do have a small number of vests available but please can you ensure you are dressed appropriately, Run Leaders may well ask you not to run if you are not dressed appropriately.


Emergency Contact

Anybody who is concerned about contact details in an emergency, while out running. There are a wealth of items that can be purchased from tags to wristbands that display your ICE (In Case of Emergency) information. This ensures you have relevant details like next of kin, known health issues etc on you, should something occur while out running.

We would always advise people to carry such an item with them.


Warm Up \ Stretches

While we do not specifically undertake any warm up or stretches as a group prior to our runs. The advice is that all runners should do the necessary warm up’s, stretches prior to training. If at all unsure, please ask on of the run leaders.


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