Cross Country #5 – Oswestry

The final and 5th race in the 2017/18 North Wales Cross Country League took place on Saturday 3rd February. The race, this time hosted by Oswestry Olympians, consists of a 6.2m men \ X women route around the grounds of The Marches School in Oswestry. The course consists of a single small lap of the bottom field and either a single or double larger lap of the remaining fields. It is a tough muddy course, with a couple of brooks and a fence to climb over.


The weather forecast was pretty bad, torrential rain all day. Thankfully it actually turned out to be a lot better on the day, however we were still huddled in the gazebo from the showers and the cold wind.

With this being the last race of the series, race times were brought forward to allow for the customary post race\season awards ceremony. Also our very own coach, Eric Campbell was race referee, this was to give a headstart to result calculation, to reduce wait times.


As always, first up at 1pm were the Over 70’s and ladies. Representing Buckley, there were 8 ladies out of 84 and 2 over 70’s out of 9.

Ladies Results

Position Forename Surname Time Age
11 Ceri Cook 25.30 W45
34 Jane Doughton 27.47 W40
46 Dawn Urquhart 29.23 W45
48 Margaret Ludden 29.50 W55
50 Jane Lindley 30.10 W50
64 Amanda Garner 32.25 SW
68 Ceri Bairstow 33.09 SW
75 Sue Ridings 36.40 W55


Over 70’s Results

Position Forename Surname Time Age
3 John Morris 34.03 M70
5 Jack Thomas 35.5 M75


Next up at 1:45pm were the men. Representing Buckley, there were 17 men out of a 142 runners.

Men’s Results

 Position Forename Surname Time Age
4 Elliot Cox 37.59 SM
11 Tomczak Przemyslaw 39.57 SM
13 Jez Brown 40.17 M45
29 Steve Toogood 42.21 M55
32 Chris Callaghan 42.47 M40
37 Simon Roberts 43.16 M45
40 David White 43.2 SM
41 Craig Davies 43.26 M40
45 Eddie Davies 44.02 M45
57 David Lemon 44.49 M35
64 Tim Joy 45.47 SM
99 Gareth Houghton 50.17 M40
100 Kevin Challinor 50.22 M55
101 Huw Lewis 50.27 M55
106 Paul Donaghue 51.10 M45
123 Dave Wootton 54.29 M50
125 Les Coathup 54.38 M65


Team Results

  • Mens Team – 3rd in this race
  • Mens Masters Team – 3rd in this race
  • Ladies Team – 5th in this race
  • Ladies Masters Team – 5th in this race


Season Results

The overall season results will be posted later in the week, but the most notable for winning medals or trophies are as follows.

  • Ceri Cook – 1st V45
  • Jane Lindley – 2nd V50
  • Steve Toogood – 1st V55
  • Jez Brown – 2nd V45
  • Simon Roberts – 3rd V45
  • Les Coathup – 3rd V60


  • Mens Masters Team – 1st
  • Mens Team – 2nd
  • Ladies Masters Team – 3rd


All in all a very successful season for Buckley, we have done extremely well. Cross Country is very tough, but we have had a good turnout and results all season. Well done to everyone who took part, especially nice to see some of our newer members too. Hopefully we can go on and do even better nest year.


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