Borders League… Explained!


With Borders League quickly approaching us and the first race being held in October this article briefly explains how the league works.

Historically there has always been a stigma within the club that the Borders League is only suited to the fast runners. This could not be any further from the truth! The league and Buckley Runners actively encourage runners of all paces and ability to take part in the series. As well as individual prizes there is also a male, females, male and female veteran team competitions. All too often we hear runners saying, “There’s no point in me taking part as I’ll never be a ‘counter’”.

So, what is a ‘counter’? A ‘counter’ is the runner whose individual score ‘counts’ towards the overall team score which is tallied and leagued over the series. In Buckley’s case the first 10 men and first 4 women to finish the race scores to count towards the team standings. So, what does this mean to the rest of the team? Basically, the bigger our turnout for each race the better our chances as the remaining finishing positions aim is to then push ‘counters’ from other teams further down the field.

Example:  If Buckley have a total 20 women turnout for a fixture and Wrexham have 4. All 4 of Wrexham’s female runners scores will ‘count’ towards the final team standings. Therefore, the remaining 16 Buckley non-counting runners aim is to push the 4 Wrexham counters further down the field. Therefore, the bigger our turnout the better it is for us in the team competition.

As well as the team competition there are individual prizes in the following age categories. U20 Male and Female, Senior M&F, Vet35 Female, Vet40 M&F, Vet45 M&F, Vet50 M&F, Vet55 M&F, Vet60 M&F, Vet65 M&F, Vet70 Male (Vet70 Female and Vet75 Male to be added if required). This gives all age categories the opportunity to win prizes.

The League races are an opportunity for runners at all levels to compete on a regular basis, a chance to test yourself against runners from other clubs at a similar level, improving performance in an affordable but challenging arena, creating and maintaining friendships between like-minded individuals. It should also be noted that these races are free of charge for all registered club members.

The League holds seven races per season, generally between October and April. Each race is between 5 miles and 6.21miles (8 to 10 km) except for the final race which is around 4 miles (6.5km). Races, except the final race, on Sunday mornings, almost invariably with a start time of 11.00. Dates and venues are agreed at the AGM. Each race is organised by a member club, all member clubs organising races in turn (agreed at the AGM). The final race is generally on a Wednesday evening and is followed by the presentation of awards. A great way to mix with your team mates and runners from other teams.

So, if you were wondering what Borders was all about or are apprehensive in anyway then look no further than this. Buckley are the current Male, Vet Male and Vet Female league champions, lets do it again this season. Be part of something special!

Your club needs you!

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