Cross Country #2 – Llandudno

The 1st race in a double whammy weekend saw 22 runners make the drive to St David’s College in Llandudno. This consisted of 13 men from a field of 156 men, 2  from 12 of male over 70’s, 0 of 8 of male u17 and finally 10 from 111 women. Overall numbers were down from those at the first race in Mold and is possibly due to half term and the fact that there was a Borders League race the following morning.

Considering it was the 5th November, The weather was surprisingly dry, In fact it was ideal for running. It had however turned a lot colder, with a stiff northerly breeze, which made for wild seas on the drive up. Fortunately, the college is nestled on a south facing hillside, which protected all who turned up from the elements.  The course is a

The course consists of 5.5 mile romp through fields and woodland in the college grounds. This involved one lap of the main field and then two (men) and one (over70, u17 and women) larger lap(s) of outlying fields. There really are some energy sapping hills on this course and to say it is tough, is an understatement. Fortunately though there are some amazing views to be had looking over to both Conwy and Rhos on Sea, dependent on which part of the course you were on, this served as a distraction at times.

First up at 2pm were the Over 70’s and Women.



Over 70’s Results

Position Name Time
2 John Morris 00:26:27
10 Jack Thomas 00:34:58


Women’s Results

Position Name Age Time
19 Samantha Dutton W35 00:23:30
26 Hayley Evans W35 00:23:57
27 Hazel Berrett W50 00:24:05
32 Ceri Cook W45 00:24:28
47 Dawn Urqhart W40 00:25:32
59 Jane Lindley W50 00:26:29
61 Fennella Higgins W45 00:26:42
100 Suzanne Ridings W55 00:32:33


Then at 2:45 the men



Men’s Results

Position Name Age Time
12 Jez Brown M40 00:32:51
31 Christopher Callaghan SM 00:35:44
61 Andy Pritchard M40 00:38:04
92 Karl Williams M45 00:39:50
98 Gareth Houghton M40 00:40:09
99 Ian Bayliss M55 00:40:09
102 Steve Bellis M60 00:40:23
110 Tim Hargreaves M40 00:41:28
111 Michael Austin M40 00:41:31
126 Paul Quinn M40 00:43:04
131 Huw Lewis M55 00:43:31
150 Marcus Reid M55 00:49:03
155 Rob Mackey M65 00:55:24

That was it,  job done. Some good results by the blue vests, time to go home, rest refuel and get ready for round 2 at Sunday’s Borders League race.

Full results and overall standings can be found here

The next race is at Treborth Track, Bangor LL57 2RQ on 26th November 2016


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