Cross Country #4 – Baschurch

Saturday 14th January saw the 4th race in the 2016/17 North Wales Cross Country series. It was another long drive, this time to Walford College in Baschurch, Shropshire for 5.5m run around the grounds. The race was hosted by Shrewsbury Athletic and was very well marshalled and marked. Overall a slightly smaller attendance this time of 244 runners across all categories.

The weather hadn’t been great, with rain, snow and wind over preceding days, so the expectation of the course conditions after last years mudfest, was not high. Fortunately the forecasted wind and rain on the day never really materialised and the course was surprisingly firm.

There was a new course route in place, with some surprises too. The course consists of laps of the college grounds, downhill through fields, around a lake and some boggy ground, into some woods with a proper river crossing. After this some uphill again through fields and woods, taking you back to the start. Each Lap was just under 3km. The Ladies, U17’s & O70’s had to do two laps, while the men had to do three.


As always, first up at 2pm were the Over 70’s and ladies. Representing Buckley, there were 5 ladies of a total 92 and 2 over 70’s of a total 7.

Ladies Results

Position Name Age Time
22 Hayley Evans W35 00:27:36
42 Dawn Urquart W40 00:30:05
49 Margaret Ludden W50 00:30:50
52 Jane Lindley W50 00:31:02
73 Amanda Garner SW 00:34:54

Over 70’s Results

Position Name Age Time
1 John Morris M70 00:31:00
5 Jack Thomas M75 00:39:03


Next up at 2:45pm were the men. Representing Buckley, there were 18 men of a total 141.

Men’s Results

Position Name Age Time
5 Przemyslaw Tomczak SM 00:32:14
10 Elliott Cox SM 00:33:10
14 Jez Brown M40 00:33:33
22 Eric Campbell M50 00:35:03
30 Simon Roberts M45 00:35:41
35 Eddie Davies M45 00:36:16
37 Chris Callaghan SM 00:36:19
44 David White SM 00:37:01
46 Ryan Morrison SM 00:37:27
83 Andy Pritchard M40 00:39:56
86 Karl Williams M45 00:40:16
91 Ian Bayliss M55 00:41:24
100 Gareth Houghton M40 00:42:25
103 Dave Boothroyd M50 00:42:41
104 Huw Lewis M55 00:42:45
120 Paul Quinn M45 00:45:32
127 Mike Austin M40 00:47:27
141 Rob Mackey M65 00:56:32


Some great results from team Buckley on the day and well done to everyone, especially our XC 1st timers, it was a tough course.

Pictures can be found here (courtesy of NeeNee LJ)

The next race #5 is the last of this seasons series and is at the Marches School, Oswestry on Saturday 4th February. Lets have a good turnout, see you there.


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