Borders League #5 – Manley Mere

The 5th Borders League race of the season took place on Sunday 5th March at Manley Mere, this time hosted by Helsby Running Club. The conditions were far from ideal, a cold and very wet morning was unfortunately what the runners who turned up had to contend with. There was even sleet and snow on the journey up, which I am sure was putting some off the thought of a race.


A total of 318 runners turned out for this new course which takes in 5.1m of what is the middle section of the Four Villages Half Marathon. The route is on the lanes around Manley and Mouldsworth and is a relatively flat and fast course, there is around 200ft of elevation gain, mostly in the middle 2m of the race.

From Buckley, there were 41 runners this time (16 Ladies and 25 Men), while numbers were down on race #4, it was still a very respectable turnout, yet again it was great to see new members turning out for their first club race.

It was a special day for John Morris, as it was his 200th Borders League race, an epic achievement that has seen him consistently turning out for the 7 race series for almost 30 years.

Some excellent results from the Buckley team on the day, with three men in the Top 10; Jez Brown 8th (28:31), Przemyslaw Tomczak (Max) 7th (28:26) and a truly exceptional performance from Elliott Cox finishing 2nd (27:41).


Some very strong performances from the Ladies too saw the top 3; Hazel Berrett 28th Lady ( 37:24), Ceri Cook 18th Lady (35:47) and Sam Dutton 7th Lady (34:04). Also worth a mention are Hazel Berrett, Margaret Ludden and Jane Lindley who’s consistent performances mean they currently occupy 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the overall championship for the Female VET50 category.


Buckley’s Men were the 2nd Team on the day in Division 1, just behind Wallasey Athletic Club, this also sees them in 2nd place in the league, behind Wallasey, with two races to go and only a few points separating the two.


Overall Results are as follows:

Rank Name Time Category
2 Elliot COX 27:41:00 SM
7 Przemyslaw TOMCZAK 28:26:00 SM
8 Jez BROWN 28:31:00 MV40
18 John PRITCHARD TAYLOR 29:25:00 MV45
22 Chris MYLES 29:35:00 SM
27 Simon ROBERTS 29:43:00 MV45
32 Chris CALLAGHAN 30:10:00 SM
44 David WHITE 30:58:00 SM
60 Eddie DAVIES 31:35:00 MV45
78 Peter GRAY 32:33:00 SM
103 Sam DUTTON 34:04:00 FV35
117 Steve BELLIS 34:53:00 MV60
118 Chris REID 34:53:00 SM
128 Paul WILCOCKSON 35:20:00 SM
129 Karl WILLIAMS 35:21:00 MV45
143 Ian HOGG 35:42:00 MV45
144 Ceri COOK 35:47:00 FV45
149 Tim HARGREAVES 36:05:00 MV45
151 Richard FINCH 36:12:00 SM
164 Rob MAHONEY 37:11:00 SM
170 Hazel BERRETT 37:24:00 FV50
191 Mike AUSTIN 38:15:00 MV40
196 Dave WOOTTON 38:28:00 MV50
207 Margaret LUDDEN 39:14:00 FV50
208 Jane LINDLEY 39:15:00 FV50
227 Kirsty JOHNSON 40:13:00 SF
231 Lisa MACPHERSON 40:21:00 SF
232 Les COATHUP 40:23:00 MV60
235 Mark AINDOW 40:36:00 MV45
236 Amanda MOUNTFORD 40:37:00 SF
247 John MORRIS 41:42:00 MV70
248 John POYNTON 41:43:00 MV50
250 Ann BROUGHTON 41:48:00 FV35
262 Kelly JONES 42:29:00 FV35
271 Evelyn AINDOW 43:22:00 FV45
295 Rob MACKEY 47:34:00 MV65
303 Sue RIDINGS 50:08:00 FV55
307 Alli HUNT 52:12:00 FV55
310 Donna CULFF 54:15:00 FV35
312 Steph BROWN 54:47:00 SF
317 Becks BROWN 60:04:00 FV35


The next race is at 11am on Sunday 9th April, hosted by Wirral Athletic Club at New Brighton.


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